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WiperSoft 1.1.1136.32 Activation Code 100% Working

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What is WiperSoft?

WiperSoft is an antivirus and antimalware software tool that scans your computer and detects unwanted applications residing on it, such as browser hijackers, toolbars, and adware. The software is available in two different versions: free and paid. The free version scans and locates spyware; the premium version removes the threats detected, along with offering a custom fix feature and free customer support. The software database is regularly updated, which means the increasing number of online threats should not be a bother. The tool has been designed for use every day, and neither professionals nor first-time users would have a problem installing and using it.

WiperSoft 1.1.1136.32 Activation Code 100% Working

Simply hit the Scan button to have the system search for any dangers, and then sit tight while the results load. Regrettably, unlike some other programs, this one does not offer a selection of several scan modes. At any one time during a scan, you may see the status of the process, the folder currently being scanned, and a list of threats that have been discovered so far. This scan could take some time, therefore it’s helpful that the software can operate in the background (in the System Tray) without interfering with your other work. After the scan is complete, you can choose individual threats to remove.

What is the benefit of this software?

The product’s real-time scanning capabilities make it especially useful while downloading content from the internet. The same holds true for browser toolbars and extensions, both of which can add unwanted and potentially malicious software to your computer without your knowledge or approval. As for effectiveness, which is what really matters with this kind of product, there is no proof that WiperSoft with keygen can detect a greater spectrum of viruses compared to other antivirus software. As such, it is not included among the best malware protection programs.

You can get WiperSoft from our software collection. WiperSoft free download is an antivirus program that can be found in the Security Tools category. WiperSoft with patch created the software itself. The 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11 are all compatible with this PC application. For the most part, this program is set up using the wipersoft.exe file. Its 1.1 version is by far the most used. It will take up 2.3 MB of your hard drive space to install the current setup file.

What are the Features of WiperSoft?

  • Adware, spyware, malware, and garbage files can all be located with this tool.
  • If you want to make your computer run faster, download this program.
  • This software’s database is regularly updated, reducing vulnerability.
  • Any new PC risks can be found and fixed immediately.
  • Therefore, it provides them with a very straightforward and basic operating environment.
  • Your computer’s storage space can be streamlined and de-cluttering.
  • It can prevent your browser from accessing any harmful websites.
  • If you don’t want your computer to be used for illicit purposes, download WiperSoft.
  • This program guarantees that any and all unwanted guests on your computer will be removed.
  • Get rid of those constant pop-ups and adverts
  • Databases that are kept up-to-date provide unwavering confidence in PC safety.


Is WiperSoft free?

Product. WiperSoft has two different editions, but both are essentially anti-spyware programs. You can check your computer for viruses without spending a dime with the help of WiperSoft. Malware scanning, eradication, and support desk access are all premium WiperSoft capabilities.

Without any doubt, using WiperSoft will not cause any harm to your computer. This is because there is a wide variety of internet security software available, some of which are legitimate and effective while others are nothing more than hoaxes.

Is Adaware still free?

Use our totally free security software today. It safeguards your computer from harmful software like viruses and malware as well as threats like spyware and phishing. Make sure your online activities (searching, surfing, etc.) are secure. Never again will you have to avoid using the internet because you fear visiting a malicious website.

WiperSoft 1.1.1136.32 Activation Code 100% Working

What’s New?

Protect your online activities with the help of the WiperSoft Activation Key. As well as protecting you from spyware, it can also remove it. With this benefit, your data is safe from harm. All the tools necessary to keep your computer safe from viruses and other forms of malware are at your disposal. It safeguards your browser, so you may surf the web without worrying about your personal information or safety, and without being exposed to potentially harmful content.

  • Many issues present in earlier releases have been addressed.
  • The latest update has a sleeker, darker user interface.
  • Computer security has been beefed up with the latest update.
  • Your computer is now protected from ransomware thanks to the newest update.
  • To further protect against modern threats, it now uses a database that is constantly being updated.
  • The company has broadened its offerings to accommodate more business sizes.
  • The new version is a shield that actively protects in real-time.
  • You’ll notice a considerable improvement in your device’s performance.
  • Offers browser safeguards to prevent unwarranted visits to harmful websites
  • Optimization tools like this one aid the user in boosting their PC’s performance.

WiperSoft Serial Number performs a thorough scan and provides a comprehensive report upon completion. The reports are available in the “Reports” section. There’s a rundown of everything installed on your PC there. That’s why it’s important to examine these reports; they reveal which files make up a virus. The interface is extremely straightforward and easy to understand. Because of this, you won’t have to stress about the difficulties that come with a clumsy interface. The interface is presented in a monochromatic black-and-white layout with clearly delineated tabs.


  • Simple and snappy
  • Constantly updated


  • A complete scan suspiciously concludes quickly
  • Automatic scan after app installation cannot be disabled

How to Install and Download?

  • To get WiperSoft, click the link below.
  • Finish the Installation Process.
  • Last but not least, import the WiperSoft file you extracted from the archive.
  • Completed without a hitch
  • Please take advantage of the most recent release.

Download wipersoft

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