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What is iBackupBot?

iBackupBot is a tool that makes sure users always have copies of their apps, documents, and other files that are up to date. This is especially helpful for people working on big projects because they can be sure that their files will be safe even if their computer crashes.

With IBackupBot, you can save the files you’ve made in iTunes. They will be automatically backed up and kept up to date, so you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself. iTunes is almost certainly what you use if you have an iPhone or iPad. The fact that you can enjoy different kinds of multimedia is one of the best things about this platform.

IBackupbot 8.2.1 License Key + Keygen 100% Working

But if something goes wrong with your device, you could lose everything you have stored on iTunes. Because of this, you can use iBackupBot to back up the things you have on iTunes. This cool app will automatically back up and update your phone’s files and things, like your calling history, messages, favourite contacts, files, and more. You can also use this app to look at these files and change how they work.

You can browse, view, export, and change iTunes backup files with the help of iBackupBot for iTunes. With the built-in plist Editor, Hex Editor, Text Editor, database viewer, image viewer, SMS message viewer, notes viewer, address book viewer, and media browser, you can view and edit any file that iTunes backed up from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer. you may also, like DslrBooth Pro.

What are the Features Of IBackupbot?

  • Use-Friendly

One thing that stands out about this app is how easy it is to use. Once you set the app up right, it’s easy to make changes and back up your files and other stuff on your phone. This happens automatically. It also has an easy-to-use layout that makes it clear where the features are and how to use them.

  • Several Editors

The most important thing this app does is back up your files, but after you’ve done that, you can also configure and use your files. Because of this, this tool comes with an editor that lets you change your files. It has everything you’ve saved on your iTunes account, like videos, photos, songs, and anything else. Also, It has a list of calls, messages, and other useful information that you may find helpful when using or storing it. It is an app that can be used by both new users and more experienced ones.

  • Look through all of your important backup files and find the ones you need quickly.
  • The built-in list Editor, Text Editor, Hex Editor, Database viewer, Image viewer, SMS Message Viewer, Notes Viewer, Call History Viewer, Address Book Viewer, and more let you view, edit, and export your files.
  • With iBackupBot’s built-in Media Browse feature, you can look through, view, and export media files like photos from the camera roll, voice memos, voicemail, multimedia SMS messages, and media files from APPs.
  • You can easily share data with friends or export data to save a copy for yourself.
  • Keep copies of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch in more than one place.
  • Move app data files from the backup straight to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  • Remove a single record from your devices’ call histories.
  • Export a backup from iTunes to a computer folder so that you can use it later.
  • Move app data files from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch straight to a computer.
  • Take off the latest email address.
  • Look through all the backup files and find the one you want.
  • The built-in post editor, text editor, hex editor, database, image, SMS message, note, call history, and address book viewers in iBackupBot Crack let you see and change your files.
  • Now you can choose files, look at them, and change them before you replace them on your device.
  • Also, you can export SMS messages, notes, and your address book that you have backed up to text files or Excel files.

IBackupbot 8.2.1 License Key + Keygen 100% Working


What is iBackupBot?

With iBackupBot for Windows, you can decide how your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch data is backed up and managed. Some of the things that are backed up are text messages, notes, call history, favourite contacts, sound settings, and widget settings. Even photos from your iPhone’s camera roll or iPod touch can be saved and moved with iBackupBot.

Is IBackup secure?

IBackup also keeps your files safe by encrypting them with 256-bit AES. You can also choose to use a private key, which adds another layer of security. This means that no one can ever get to your files, even if your local backup is lost or stolen.

What’s New?

  • It’s easy to back up data.
  • Data from backups is changed and then put back.
  • When announcement notes that were up to date were not available.
  • For the window operating system, all bugs are fixed.


  • Works with numerous file types
  • Easy to use
  • Can select which items to backup
  • Constantly runs in the background


  • Cannot open or read data
  • Performs backup at inconvenient times
  • Backup whenever a device is connected
  • Takes up a lot of memory

System Requirements:

  • iTunes 12 or later
  • Mac Os 10.6
  • CPU 1 GHz
  • 8GB Ram
  • Disk Space 10 to 20 GB

How to Download and Install this Software?

  • First, click the “Download” button below. This will take you to the page where you can download the file.
  • On the download page, there is a simple way to download the software.
  • After you download, please follow the instructions on the download page to finish the installation process.
  • After that, you’ll be able to use your software.
  • I hope you will enjoy using this programme on your Windows PC. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this post.

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